Brand Disruptors Podcast

Brand Disruptors Podcast

Hosted by: Mia LaMotte

Hi, I’m Mia! The voice behind Brand Disruptors Podcast. I have been a disruptor for as long as I can remember and I’m here to challenge women to lean into their disruptions of life. We will talk all things branding,...

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#23 Finish The Work

Rebecca Bromberg Polan is a mindset and healing coaching, trained in mindfulness based somatic psychotherapy. She specializes in helping women women entrepreneurs and professionals who are stuck in survival mode, get...
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#22: Don't Pardon The Disruption

Welcome Back and Don't Pardon the Disruption! I really appreciate your support and wanted to share lessons with you from 2021. It's been a great year in Brand Disruptors and I've launched a new program called Globally...
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Wake Up to YOU

Episode #21

What does it mean to be “woken”? What does it mean for your life to be disrupted by whiteness and white supremacy? You get to find out in today's episode with my guest, SharRon Jamison. SharRon supports women to be...
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How to Be the Queen of Your Own Life

Episode #20

What does it mean to be Queen - what kind of mentality does it take? Gina DeVee - the Queen of all Queens is going to be letting us in on on of that and more. We will be talking femininity, and how we as women all...
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Being a Badass Mom

Episode #19

Being a mother is amazing and beautiful, but, like everyone knows, life gets busy. Life gets hectic. And, if you don't take the time to remember who you are, you can very easily start to lose your identity and your...
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The Entrepreneurial Mindset

Episode #18

What will it take for YOU to become successful in building your business and your brand? It's a different world when you're coming from employee to entrepreneur. There's a lot of things we need to learn and...
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Creating Equity

Episode #17

Have you felt like you've done everything in life you're supposed to, but still aren't fulfilled, or you're tired of not feeling valued and appreciated in your career? My client and friend Vonne Jacobs, principal and...
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Inspired Possibilities

Episode #16

Have you ever asked yourself, "What could be possible?" or "What is my next step in life?"  My guest Tami Jaffe is here to inspire you to open up to what could be possible, and be confident in the steps you are taking...
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Are You in the Zone?

Episode #15

This month in Brand Disruptors we are focusing on zone of genius. Why do we need to know about our zone of genius in order to create a brand?  If you know what your zone of genius is and you can stand in that, it will...
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With Privilege Comes Responsibility

Episode #14

We are talking all things marketing and branding. And how you can use your privilege to help create a world that works for everyone. In today’s episode I’m talking with my friend Natalie Davison, who runs Marrow...
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It's a Great Time to Be Black with Blackology Coffee

Episode #13

In today’s episode, I am speaking with my client, Lori Jones. Lori launched a coffee company in the midst of COVID after losing her full-time job earlier this year. At a time where people were holding back, scared,...
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Stop Hiding and Show Up Like a Disruptor

Episode #12

In this episode, I talk with one of my best friends, Tamrah Barber, creator and author of the XTL360 Teen Leadership Development Program. Tamrah creates presentations for teams and teens all across our country. She...
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