Brand Disruptors Podcast

Brand Disruptors Podcast

Hosted by: Mia LaMotte

Hi, I’m Mia! The voice behind Brand Disruptors Podcast. I have been a disruptor for as long as I can remember and I’m here to challenge women to lean into their disruptions of life. We will talk all things branding,...

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Communication is Not About You

Episode #11

Conversations are about listening to what the other person needs from us. It's so difficult to take ourselves out of it. Humans are selfish, let's face it. So in today's episode, we want you to start thinking about...
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What Does Authenticity Have To Do With Marketing?

Episode #10

In this episode, we will learn what authenticity has to do with marketing, and how as women, we sometimes don't give ourselves the credit we deserve. We will be discussing disruptions in life that teach us how to...
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Are You Disruptive?

Episode #9

Why is disruption necessary for change? What makes people disruptors and stand out in our world? In this episode Mia is going to tell you just that. Why she decided to use the name Brand Disruptors, and her journey to...
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Gaining Visibility Through Storytelling

Episode #8

In this episode you get to hear me talk with my beautiful friend, Darieth Chisolm. Darieth is an Emmy award-winning television news anchor and host, award-winning filmmaker, and author. She has also presented on TEDx...
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Summer Camp Takeaways

Episode #7

In this episode, Del Friday, Vonne Jacobs, Megan Whiteside and I all discuss our experience at Summer Camp which was held virtually at Miraval, Austin Texas, hosted by Heather Hubbard, founder of Simple Courage. We...
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Simple Courage

Episode #6

In this episode, I get to talk with my friend Heather Joy Hubbard, founder of Simple Courage. Heather talks about her disruption in life that brought her to re-brand herself and her business through simple...
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How to Take One Small Step at a Time Towards Self Care

Episode #5

Self-care is self-preservation. Amazing advice from my guest Claudine Francois. Claudine is a health and wellness coach for women entrepreneurs who are looking to get more vivacity, more abundant energy in their...
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Great Photos Begin With Intention

Episode #4

Have you ever wondered what makes a Brand Photographer successful or have been interested in getting a shoot done for you and your brand? You’re going to love hearing my guest Wendy Yalom talk about her experience...
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This Is Not About Politics

Episode #3

Being a woman in an elected official space is no easy task. My guest Dajuana W. Moore is running for office in Baton Rouge Louisiana for Clerk of Court. She is going to tell us all about her journey to this race, and...
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Make Time Your Bitch

Episode #2

Are you ready to make time your bitch? I am going to be teaching you the 7 steps to creating time and making it your bitch. The truth about time is it’s something we create if we are willing to put in the work to set...
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Why Selling Yourself Should Be Your Superpower

Episode #1

No matter what stage your business is at, you have to keep selling. You can't avoid it if you are a business owner. So we might as well find a well to enjoy it! Embrace your strengths and what makes you YOU! Don't let...
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Episode #1

I assert we all want to live up to our full potential. If you agree with me, this show is for you! This podcast was created to empower women, become bad-ass thought leaders, and kick the racist patriarchy to the curb....
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