How to Be the Queen of Your Own Life

Episode #20

What does it mean to be Queen - what kind of mentality does it take?

Gina DeVee - the Queen of all Queens is going to be letting us in on on of that and more. We will be talking femininity, and how we as women all need to be living to the best of our ability. We all need to be giving ourselves permission to be who we are, have the desires that we have, and not live in shame or entitlement.

Gina’s journey from struggling psychotherapist (who lived at home with her parents) to globetrotting entrepreneur has led her to founding her multi-million dollar women’s empowerment company, Divine Living.

Divine Living is for the person who’s excited about impacting the world; craves a spiritual connection, dares to be visible, and desires to fulfill their life's purpose.

Gina is an author, speaker, podcast host and success coach. She has dedicated her career to helping clients connect spiritually, start businesses, create wealth and live life to the fullest.

Gina’s mission is to uplift entrepreneurs through inspiring content, bold business trainings, and life-changing events.

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