Podcast #20 How to Be the Queen of Your Own Life

I told myself I was going to do something scary this year.

I asked Gina DeVee to be on my podcast! You guys, that was a big ask for me. And I tell my clients to do this, so guess what? I had to too!

Gina DeVee - the Queen of all Queens is going to be letting us in on what it means to be Queen, what mentality it takes, femininity, and how we as women all need to be living to the best of our ability. We all need to be giving ourselves permission to be who we are, have the desires that we have, and not live in shame or entitlement.  

Gina has had a huge 2020. She came out with her book The Audacity to Be Queen in March 2020.  There’s an exercise in the book where you say, “I’m thrilled this is happening because _______.” Little did she know what an opportunity she was going to get so soon. So she pivoted her book to virtual and online events, and her book launched became bigger than if she ever did as originally planned. She went on to create new programs, launched her podcast, and started the Q Club

Gina’s DeVee’s journey from struggling psychotherapist (who lived at home with her parents) to globetrotting entrepreneur has led her to founding her multi-million dollar women’s empowerment company, Divine Living.

Divine Living is for the person who’s excited about impacting the world; craves a spiritual connection, dares to be visible, and desires to fulfill their life's purpose.

Gina is an author, speaker, podcast host and success coach. She has dedicated her career to helping clients connect spiritually, start businesses, create wealth and live life to the fullest.

Gina’s mission is to uplift entrepreneurs through inspiring content, bold business trainings, and life-changing events.

Everybody has power, a divine assignment, a different season in our life, and nobody can take that from you.

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Speaker 1 (00:01):
Cina to V. Welcome to brand disruptors. How are you?

Speaker 2 (00:05):
I'm doing great, but I'm even better being around you. It's been too long and I'm so happy to be here.

Speaker 1 (00:10):
It has been too long. The last time that I was actually out of town was for your event in Miami, where we were actually on the stage together,

Speaker 2 (00:21):
Such sweet times and memories. I know they'll come back, but yes, I remember it. Well.

Speaker 1 (00:27):
Yeah. So good. So good. So tell me, what have you been up to my dear? Like you have been all over the place. Your book came out last year, right? You had a podcast this year. Yes. What else have you been doing? Like tell us all this.

Speaker 2 (00:42):
No, I, I think we're all tired of the word pivot, but it is just what I did here over at divine living and with my amazing team, my book came out March 3rd, 2020, and I had a whole domestic and international in-person book tour planned as one does after they've waited 20 years to publish their first book. And you can't write a book on the audacity to be queen and basically for those of you who haven't read it, the book is it's not happening to you. It's happening for you. And there's an exercise in the book that says, I'm thrilled. This is happening because, and you don't get to write that book and not practice what you preach. And I just didn't know I was going to have an opportunity as big as that as soon as the book came out. But yeah, it really made me go within, cause I felt like disappointment heading towards me.

Speaker 2 (01:39):
Like it was a physical, external entity and I felt self pity, like comparing myself to all my other colleagues who got to do their, but, you know, and I was just like, no, I know better than this. I know better than this is happening for me, not to me. And, and I did, I'm thrilled. This is happening because and it has so expanded my brand and elevated it to such a next level. And given me so many gifts and blessings that came so much sooner than I was going to allow them. So I'll take you down the, the journey. So my book tour went virtual, which meant I got to be on all these huge podcasts and media outlets, which with all due respect to the amount of people that would have shown up in a room on a bookstore on a Tuesday night is the expansion was way more massive.

Speaker 2 (02:29):
And the women were just so generous and helping to sit, let me introduce you to this person. Let me introduce that person. And so that was that. And then I had never done a challenge before. And my friend Cathy Heller was like, Gina, you need to do a challenge and have like a lower price program. Cause that's what people are wanting right now is like, okay. So in June we did our first challenge and came up with a new program and we did another one in July and another one in September. And then September my podcast came out cause it was time for that. And then October, I've been sitting on this dream of mine for so long to have my version of like Gina Dovie, Netflix meets food network meets, travel and leisure. And that's what we call the Q club.

Speaker 2 (03:15):
And that came out in October. And yeah, it's just, it's, it's all been such a joy. It's such a blessing. I know that it's been a very difficult year for many other people and many other industries. And I just think it's important for those of us that do have our health and do have access to building our brands that we don't dim our light, particularly during this very dark time. We each have a divine assignment at different seasons in our life and I just have seized the ones I've just listed as being mine.

Speaker 1 (03:48):
Absolutely. I mean, that's a lot of stuff they've gotten done in such a short amount of time, but I want to go back to something that you said earlier, because what I've noticed in my own life and especially in the work that we've done together, I feel like when we make an intention or when we teach something to our clients, right. We have to practice it ourselves.

Speaker 2 (04:12):
Lord have mercy. Yes, yes, yes.

Speaker 1 (04:18):
So you, when you found this disappointment coming in and you were like, Oh my God, why the hell can't I go and go out and do my book tour and be glamorous and do all the things that, that book tours encompass, like, why can't I do that? Like when you saw that happening for you, when you, when you first became aware of it, like you felt it, you said right, you felt it.

Speaker 2 (04:40):
Yes. Like I almost saw the disappointment coming at me like it was this like external villain.

Speaker 1 (04:47):
And then you said, what's that villain?

Speaker 2 (04:51):
I said, I know better. Yeah. I know better. And I had, I look, I don't always, I don't always get it. Right. There's a thing that's that, that I'm really passionate about. Particularly the women entrepreneur community right now, and it's living what we've learned. And there's so much talk about spirituality and there's so much talk about neurological pathways and there's so much like we create a reality and words have a vibration. And like, I feel like I didn't, you know, for those of you that don't know my background, my parents were school teachers. I grew up in the suburbs of Detroit, like Gina from Detroit, didn't know this stuff. I didn't know that you could create your reality. I didn't know that you get what you focus on and what you think has a vibration and that you can be doing have anything that you want.

Speaker 2 (05:34):
And so I feel so just humbled and blessed of the 7.8 billion people that are on this planet, 95% of them living in war zones and literal poverty that women like us have literally been given the keys to the kingdom. And, and over the past, you know, I'm imagining me of the women to your podcasts like this, isn't their first podcast. Listen, this is not their first personal development book. And it's not their first seminar that they've been to. It's like, and for us to not to the best of our ability live, what we know, it's an atrocity, it's an atrocity. And you know, it's like I saw women freaking out this year and, you know, sending it, most of my women were so, so great and showing up as good as it is somebody, right? Like, you know, I'm really disappointed that you're not hosting a live event.

Speaker 2 (06:32):
Let's see, first of all, it's illegal. Second of all, it's harmful. Third of all, it's not possible. And fourth of all, you've been coaching with me for three years and you know, enough about brain training. Like I'm sad for you right now, you know? And so in owning my own walk and taking like radical personal responsibility, it wasn't easy. Of course I'm human. I had those feelings, but honestly me, I let it last for like 30 minutes. I that's awesome. I felt I saw it coming in and I, and I'm enough of a believer in as feminine women. It's important for us to feel our feelings. And I said, you know what, Gina on a human level, go ahead, give yourself, go ahead and feel your disappointment, feel your, this isn't fairness, feel your sadness. And I did. I felt it. And then I was like, this isn't having me feel any better.

Speaker 2 (07:31):
I don't feel any more justified. It certainly hasn't changed the circumstances. So I was like, you know, I'm just going to apply spiritual principle and it's not a spiritual bypass. I'm going to apply spiritual principle. I'm going to do it now. Like this is happening for me. And then boom. And I'm off. So people can send an emails and make their Facebook posts about whatever they think is fair and whoever isn't doing, what it's like, come on. We I'm just really ex it's like there was like the industrial age, right. And then there was, there's the information age. And it's like, we're past that. Now we've gotten the information. And it's like, I don't know if there's a term coin for it yet. I feel like this is, this is the live, what, you know, age.

Speaker 1 (08:17):

Speaker 2 (08:18):
And I'm just finding so much freedom in that. And it's not for everyone. But for who it is, like those women are rising up big, big time with all their positivity and their brands are stand out because everything is energy and vibration. And so that's just really what I'm obsessed with delighted by and committed to these days.

Speaker 1 (08:40):
Yeah. But let's talk about that. Cause this has always been your obsession, right? You'd been obsessed with queen and queendom and all of that for years now. And I think that what's, what's apparent to me, like in this moment is you made a declaration about two years ago. Was it two years ago when you started cleaning program, you made a, you made a declaration and you were, you said like, I am all about the feminine and I'm all about the queen. And I want women to really get into that kind of, that kind of mindset. So tell me what is the queen mindset, Gina.

Speaker 2 (09:19):
Ah, so glad you asked it is my favorite subject. It's women like us, literally being the best versions of ourselves, unapologetically with swagger and dazzle and just loving who we are and showing up to do what we came here to do. And each woman giving herself permission to claim her own version of queen hood. I write about in my book, whether whether yours is Birkenstocks or Birkins or anywhere in between that choice is yours and own it.

Speaker 1 (09:58):
Yeah. And nobody gets to tell us, right. Nobody gets to say what your brand should look like or what your version of queen is. Because I feel like everybody thinks that, Oh, if I'm going to be successful, I need to make my brand look like Gina's or I'm like my brand look like me as when really it's it's about you coming home to yourself and figuring out what that is.

Speaker 2 (10:19):
Right. And it's, it's both ways. And it's also not. It's owning who you are in your majesty, whatever your style is and not letting it be an excuse like, Oh, well I'm not into Jimmy Choos. Well, great. And, and if you are to not dim your light over that as well, like I've had like so many people along the way, you know, some say, Jr, you're so inspirational and some will be like, Gina, you need to just dial it down a bit. Like it's, it's, you know, you look like you're blah, blah, blah. And I was like, AF that people, like I was, I wanted this stuff since I was Gina in Detroit, when I was $75,000 in debt and living at home with my parents, like I needed the others who didn't dim their light to show up and show me what was possible.

Speaker 2 (11:09):
So no I'm gonna, I'm going to do me, which happens to normally be a hoop airing and a heel. And you know, what, whatever is the mood I'm in that day. And love it. And like this thing, like, well, we need to dim our light, like go be you and be more of you. And the only thing I'll say about that, I think like the, the, the one thing I didn't realize, cause I am so about the inspirational and the aspirational. I, I didn't realize that the pieces that I was afraid that other people would think about me or find out me or whatever, that those pieces are attractive also absolutely. For the right people. And they're there, not for whoever it's not for. And so I think that Mo so much of my brand building, because I personally, like, I don't really want to watch other people's dirty laundry.

Speaker 2 (12:12):
Like I don't necessarily want to watch other people's process. Like I'm really about the results and let's make it happen and how can this happen? And so I think I like teetered a little too heavy in that realm because it's what I thought I wanted. And I didn't think other people wanted the process and some of the other stuff. And now as queen, what I'm realizing is that women who respond to the queen archetype, they really do have a capacity for all of it. The light shadows and the dark shadows, the brilliance and the foibles and, and all the stuff in between. So I think that the more your listeners will give themselves permission to be who they are, have the desires they have, have the mistakes that they've had like this, this is his queen hood and owning all of it and not living in shame or embarrassment or entitlement or superiority.

Speaker 1 (13:08):
Don't you feel like the, the world is, is asking for that though. Like we're all in this space. I feel like, especially in 2020, everybody has been like, there's been like this light, that's been shining and it's shining in all of the dark corners of the world. And it's like, okay, people wake up. It's time to wake up. And it's time to really be yourself. I want to say that. I feel like, like at the deepest essence, that that's what we're all doing. I wish she was stepping into Queens.

Speaker 2 (13:42):
I want you, I want a mirror to you. How rare you are right now, a woman. I like it. This look, there's a line in the course. There's a line in the Bible. And the course of miracles that says many are called, but few are chosen. And the course in miracles interprets that scripture to be many are called, but few care to listen. And I know you to know, well enough how rare you are because you and I, at the end of the day, we don't need to be right. We're going for happy. We're we're going for, let me get the lesson, let me graduate. Let me grow. Like, you know, we got egos, but we'll let those get slayed because of the true pursuit. And that is not the masses. The masses are scared. The masses want the paint by number the masses want to blame the easy fix. So yes, this, this light that has been shot shined on the darkest corners of globally. It is for those who care it's for all of us. And there are few that care to listen.

Speaker 1 (14:53):
Absolutely. I'll take that. I'll take that. And yes, you're right. Because, and I guess it's because, and just like you, I feel like we're in, we're rolling out in similar circles, but the people that are in our circles, they care about being called and they care about doing something about these things. So I think I take for granted, but that's what the rest of the world looks like. Even though I can see what's happening in the white house, but it's interesting to me though, that when we get into these kinds of places, right. I'm part of your community. And when we get into these places, how much growth happens in such a short amount of time, right? It feels like it's taken a long time. Cause you're looking at other people and what they're doing, and you're like, I'm not growing as fast. But then now that I'm looking back and actually having a conversation with you on my podcast, right? It's like, are you the same person that was in my program 2017 that didn't even want to get on camera and do not do nothing. Right.

Speaker 1 (15:59):
So let's talk about, let's switch to J-Lo. I don't know if you saw, so Jayla is one of Gina's idols, loves Jayla channels are quite often, right? The green, a flowered Palm print outfit that you had on what was that in Miami? So total J lo look alike that day. Her picture that she brought put out for her 51st birthday, when we were talking about people who DMU and say, Gina, you shouldn't, you need to be you too much. Right. And I know she got a lot of backlash for that photo. Like what do you say to women who are afraid of the haters and afraid of getting backlash? Like, like J-Lo did, like you did, like, what do you say to women

Speaker 2 (16:49):
About that? Hmm. I mean, you know, it's like beauty's in the eye, you know, I just, I looked at that photo and I was like, I called my trainer. I'm like, can we, if I work out twice a day, well, like I was so inspired, you know? And, and that doesn't have like, you know, look, there's, there's so many forms of excellence in the world. There's great musicians. There's great athletes. There's dancers, there's business people, there's scientists, there's inventors. I'm, I'm obsessed with excellence. I can see it and I can Revere it. I don't want it in every area of my life. Like I don't personally have a need to be an inventor or a scientist. I've, I've actually gotten into watching NFL football a lot more recently. I know it's, it's part meditative for me. And it's part like I'm obsessed with the excellence, but I have no desire for anybody to run into me on any level in any way, energetically, spiritually, physically.

Speaker 1 (17:57):
Let's just be clear about that. You never know that does not happen. Yeah. So

Speaker 2 (18:03):
I, for me, I mean, I'll get back to your original question, but I'll just share the reason why I am personally inspired by that photo of hers is growing up in a Christian home and with an Italian mother who was always overweight, there was a combination of, that was my main female role model on top of, and the particular Christian environment that I grew up in. You were not supposed to be sexy. You were supposed to hide your body. And I never had weight issues growing up. I was, I mean, I never was like physically fit cause I never worked at it cause that I was never interested in athletics. And then I also, wasn't ever supposed to look that good with my body and I turn 48, December 22nd. I don't know when this podcast is gonna come out. And I I look back with my 48 year old self looks to my teen years who like never got to celebrate and enjoy my body at that time and same in my twenties and same in my thirties. And it's like, I'm just, I'm just about at the weight that I was when I met Glenn, when I was 32. And like, and I've never given myself permission to, for physical excellence, it's never until, you know, when the student's ready, the teacher appears and blah, blah, blah. So like I've never, I've always been fine. Like I've always enjoyed fashion and always wanted to look good, but I never let myself be that sexy. And this isn't for anyone else. This is for me.

Speaker 1 (19:52):
Yes, no, I can totally relate to this. Yes. And so I think

Speaker 2 (19:55):
That's the, so all this to say, so that's why I personally am inspired by her photo. So I'm sure Mia, your listeners know enough about triggers, know enough about projection and judgment that anyone that needs to throw shade on her photo has their own stuff about body image or what is allowable for a woman or a mother or a 50 something year old, because I can look at I don't know, certain people doing certain things and like not have anything on it. And then that just means there's like no trigger there, but if I have a need to like, what does she think she's doing? Like there, there's something there for someone who's going to say that. So all of this to say for any of us in business and with our brands and how we're showing up and who are you to do, you know, X, Y, and Z. I mean at the stage of business and visibility that I am, how do I want to say this?

Speaker 2 (21:13):
It's just really necessary that we be a queen about it. And if you go into being a business mogul of like elevating your brand, whatever business mogul is to you, if that's 50,006 figures or seven figures or whatever your thing is and if you expect that everyone's going to be polite, that everyone's going to be appropriate and that everyone's going to like what you do. So you've missed it, like that's princess mentality. And I'm not saying it has to just be water off a Duck's back. There's a reason there's coaches. So I, I my coach is on speed dial, right? Like if, if stuff comes up up and negative to feedback comes in, which none of it can be negative because back to spiritual principle in the eyes of God, God would not, Oh, is only allowing anything, any challenged to appear in our lives so that we can rise above so that we have an opportunity.

Speaker 2 (22:17):
Are we going to choose love? Are we going to choose fear? Are we going to choose queen? Are we going to choose saboteur? And so it's getting great at serving humanity, I guess is my best advice. So, and, and, and observing humanity, observing yourself. So what I write about my book about the need to be little miss perfect and codependent, if you should have, do I agree that I needed to be perfect. I was terrible of critical feedback coming in because literally perfect world is someone's right, and someone's wrong. So if you're getting criticized, all of a sudden you are wrong in someone else's right. And that's a terrible, horrible feeling to live in. But a queen understands that power is not finite. It's like, it's not what the old dead white guys have taught us that some people have it. And some people don't and there's been abuses of power and, and people that have tried to suppress it or take it.

Speaker 2 (23:24):
But the truth is everybody has power. And if you don't give your power away, then people, other people don't have your power. And what, because like what we talked about, like me and I are so obsessed with growth. So I'll, I'll like, go and look at like feedback or DM or whatever. And someone's like, Gina, I believe in how, and I'm, I'm looking, I'm looking and you're not looking for I'm looking for any way that this feedback can be correct. I'm looking at, because anything that I can claim, anything that I can learn, anything that I can own. That is true for me. I can't take on, I'm only looking for what is true for me. That's what I'm saying. I'm not, I'm looking for anything that is correct for me. Then I'm more of a queen then I'm more Gina than I am more whole than I am. I am more me because if it's like, you know what, she's got a point, like I owe this person apology, or I should make that change in my business. That's a great idea if I'm not worried about needing to be right. And I'm looking for, what's actually true for me, then I'm more empowered. And then the real, the real art here, and this has taken me a while and I, I still work on this one is not taken

Speaker 1 (24:53):

Speaker 2 (24:56):
Not taking on what someone else thinks is true. And the next level that I've had to go with it, Mia is, you know, they say the definition of genius is being able to hold two opposite truths at the same time. Oh yes. And so if I get an email or DM and someone is genuinely having that experience, and if my experience is nowhere in the same realm, but to be able to not dim my light, not collapse, not make myself wrong and not make myself more. Right. Like, just like, I really hear you that that's your experience. And if you don't take it on, then you can actually be very compassionate and gracious with people and really loving. And it's a much more free place to take, but this is like a level of mastery that I, depending on who it is and what they're saying, I got, I have to really work.

Speaker 1 (26:03):
Yeah. Because everybody's not qualified to give you feedback. Right.

Speaker 2 (26:09):
Everyone, everyone is not qualified to for, for you to take on their work.

Speaker 1 (26:20):
Yes. Yeah. Yeah. Cause some people don't know enough about you or what they're talking about sometimes to even give you the feedback that they give you. Yes. That's been my experience. Yeah. Yeah.

Speaker 2 (26:33):
But if someone's giving feedback, like, and I guess the only reason why I'm hesitating here is I don't want your listeners to think that you know, we just live in a day and age where people think everyone thinks they're a media outlet, so

Speaker 1 (26:47):
Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Okay. So now we're going to have a, just a little bit of fun because I know that you've read the questions and I I'm curious, like what, like for you, what is something that is your favorite, like outfit to wear? Like what would you just like

Speaker 2 (27:05):
Kaftan of

Speaker 1 (27:06):
Course. Yes, yes. Yes. In all kinds of shapes and sizes too. Yes. Love it. Okay. Now what we never catch you in. What would you never wear?

Speaker 2 (27:21):

Speaker 1 (27:23):
I've never heard anybody say that, but I could never imagine you in a pair overalls, like that would not even be on the radar. What's your least favorite mode of communication.

Speaker 2 (27:34):
Ooh, LinkedIn, I go into shutdown. Even when I get those notification, it's just, I can't even get into it.

Speaker 1 (27:51):
It's just not with you. I'm with you. I was telling, I was talking to some of my clients and I was like, they were asking me about LinkedIn. I was like, guys, I don't, I don't, I don't know I'm on it, but no. Yeah. Okay. What, like, I know I've seen you in certain colors, but what is your favorite color?

Speaker 2 (28:13):
Unlike today, normally my, my latest thing, whenever I shop, I, I won't buy like black, Brown Navy or gray anymore. Like I'm only buying color. My favorite color I'm thinking, I'm thinking there's like I'm thinking of some stuff that I've, I've purchased recently. It's the happier colors right now. I think particularly after 2020, there are a lot of like, like patterns. I think it's not like a color block. Like I'm like about some dresses that have like pink and red and black and white in them. So there's like a little party. And then there's another one I'm thinking of. That's got like some golds and purples and, and blacks and fuchsias. So it's like, I'm that, that the happy party colors are what I'm buying.

Speaker 1 (29:20):
I love that. I love that. Okay. So what would you say to the listeners? Like if they wanted to really start to tap into what it means to be a queen and own their queen ness, what's the one, what's the first thing or the one thing that you think that they should be doing? Well, I don't mean for this to be a shameless

Speaker 2 (29:42):
Plug, but I will say, you know, my book really will help ground. What could either sound like a lofty concept or even a cheesy one. I'm not unaware branding wise, but queen and crowns and, you know that's not what lights me up about my brand when you get into the substance of it. And for those that don't know, it was based on an ancient story, a true story of a queen Esther from Persia. So there's a lot of depth and substance in it. Beyond the principles in the book

Speaker 1 (30:14):
Book for me more

Speaker 2 (30:19):
Ever, I am valuing my time alone with spirit in the morning. I actually, I do, I'm on a little, I do work out with a trainer every day at six. And so I get up at four these days and it's because I want to have a solid two hour chunk of time before I go into even movement just with my coffee and my books and my reading and my prayer time with God. And

Speaker 1 (30:51):

Speaker 2 (30:53):
Morning time is just, it's just all queen time. I think that when a woman prioritizes time alone with herself and her connection with source, that you're reminded of the truth. You get the answers, you have the confidence, you know, that all things are possible and it's easier to live your day from that place. So that's what I'd say.

Speaker 1 (31:19):
I love that. I love that. Love it. Thank you, Gina. Thank you for being here. Do you have anything else that you want to tell the audience before we take off? What do I want to

Speaker 2 (31:31):
Say? Let me ask.

Speaker 2 (31:36):
So what I'm getting is who you are, is amazing. You are, if I may, you can translate however you want, but you are a child of God, which means that you have access to the infinite and please don't let anyone or any thought, you know, anyone else or even your own thoughts tell you that you're not good enough that you don't have what it takes that someone else is more worthy, more capable. We are all the desires that are in our hearts. They were placed there by spirit and we all have the ability to be, do, and have exactly what those desires are. So trust them and only surround yourself with the people who bring out the best in you be more fierce about that. You know, I used to, I used to be like, well, like these parts of these people are cool, but I don't really love that.

Speaker 2 (32:33):
So I'm just going to focus on the good and it's I I've, I've upped, I've raised my standards for my friends, for my family. And more recently, even with my clients you are creating the brand that you are and pouring everything into it. So much love so much soul. You're thinking about it constantly. And I know your women may like, it's like you're here to serve. And so anyone that isn't grateful, appreciative, the vibrational match for that, do not think that you need to work with that person or take them on. You deserve to pour your brilliance and your genius and your creativity into people who are going to really take it and do something with it. So honor yourself by who you surround yourself with.

Speaker 1 (33:27):
Oh, I love that. Thank you, Gina. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. So one more thing. How do people find you?

Speaker 2 (33:33):
Yes, yes, yes. If you're on Instagram, you can come on over to Gina. DV is my handle there. And the whole world of divine living [email protected] So if you want the book or any of our free programs or our paid programs or any of them it's [email protected]

Speaker 1 (33:50):
Awesome. Yeah, because Gina is taking folks to Italy next year. I love it. Thank you for being here. Thank you so much.

Speaker 2 (33:59):
Yeah. It's always great being with you. Thanks for having me. Absolutely.