It's a Great Time to Be Black with Blackology Coffee

Episode #13

In today’s episode, I am speaking with my client, Lori Jones. Lori launched a coffee company in the midst of COVID after losing her full-time job earlier this year. At a time where people were holding back, scared, and uncertain.

Each month I want to highlight one of my clients to make sure that people know who they are, share their story, why they became disruptors, and how they are disrupting the status quo right now. Lori is no exception. She’s showing people how to enjoy black coffee because now is a great time to be black!

We discuss how Lori didn’t let her excuses hold her back. Lori looks at the positive aspects during these times. She uses her business as something to focus her time, energy, and attention on to stay positive. She took a risk, a leap of faith, and found that it was all worthwhile.

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