Inspired Possibilities

Episode #16

Have you ever asked yourself, "What could be possible?" or "What is my next step in life?" 

My guest Tami Jaffe is here to inspire you to open up to what could be possible, and be confident in the steps you are taking for your future. Tami went from VP in her corporate career, to starting her own business. She is now an Author, Speaker, and Coach. 

Tami went through a disruption in her career that brought her to where she is today. It made her realize that not only did she not have control over her career, but neither did her managers. It made her realize that she didn’t want to work for somebody else where they could pull the strings anytime they wanted to.

Sound like you? I hope this episode inspires you to open yourself up to new possibilities and be reminded that you can make a new decision every day.

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