What I am Disrupting In December!

The last month of 2020 is finally here and I know that I am not the only one who is hoping for a lot less adversity in 2021. Well, maybe not less adversity… hear me out. The adversity that happened in 2020 is bringing about real change. We are creating something new in the world and I believe that we will all be better for it. I have to remember the blessings that came with the hardships and maybe looking for the blessings we received instead of the hardships may serve you as well. With that being said, here is what I am up to in December...

1. Mastering Money Retreat- As a client of mine you get full access to this event I am hosting on December 11-12, 2020. It is going to be sublime. You will learn so much about money and why it might be eluding you. I have a great deal of wisdom coming through to help us get rid of the biggest problem on the planet. If you are not already a private client or in one of my group programs, you will want to sign up so you can attend. Book a call with me today to find out which of our programs is right for you. Do not take yourself into 2021 with any of those old money stories that are no longer serving you.

2. My family is coming to town for the holidays. I know it sounds absurd to be saying this in the middle of a pandemic. My brother, his wife, and her mother along with my cousin/sister, and my godchild will all be here. I am so excited to have them here and I will actually be hosting Christmas Eve Gumbo (which was one of my Mom’s traditions for many years), my niece is hosting Christmas Brunch at her house and we will have a small dinner here on Christmas Evening. We might even share some family recipes with y’all. I am looking forward to having them all here and my brother has even agreed to work on a small home improvement project while he’s here, which leads to my next topic!

3. Decorating for the holidays is something that my Mom used to love to do- ALL OF THE HOLIDAYS. This is certainly something Courtney, my niece inherited from her. I haven't decorated for the holidays in years. When your partner works holidays, they don’t quite have the same meaning, as a matter of fact, they seem like any ordinary day. So this year, I decided to do a little something for Christmas. Courtney came over and helped with some decorations and got me in the festive spirit. She did an amazing job with some fresh garland, sparkly stuff, and lights. I also decided to sell the artificial tree I had because, let's face it, with 3 kitties who have never seen it, there is no way it would survive in our house. It also got me back into the swing of the remodeling project that I had put on hold since I was in business building mode.

4. As I mentioned, my brother agreed to do a small home improvement project when he came to visit. He will be installing an organization system in our garage. I am so excited about this, I cannot even tell you! I come from a family of contractors and it's been difficult to have to vet, research, and pay contractors what your whole family knows how to do! So on the bright side, it got me into declutter mode. I am pretty good at getting rid of things and letting go, Sanford, not so much. Remodelista: The Organized Home and The Home Edit Life have been so helpful and distracting at the same time. If you are ready to uplevel your organizational skills, want to remodel or if you’re looking for great practical gifts, I highly recommend these books.

5. I’ve been thinking a lot about my business’s next level and it’s definitely time for me to complete the creation of Globally Authentic. I have already decided that in this high-level group of womxn and I will be heading to Paris as soon as the world opens up. We are planning for July 2021. I will be sharing more of the details with you all very soon. I can’t wait to get back into travel mode and serve these womxn to get to their next level. There is something about traveling to a different place that brings forth possibilities and inspiration.

6. My vision for 2021 hasn’t been created yet. I like to sit down with some books, magazines, and websites in order to create my vision for the upcoming year. I may actually do some of this with my family or get myself a fancy hotel room and do it alone. There is nothing like a spa weekend to get my creative juices flowing. I also have a friend who will be hosting a New Years Day event to do just this- stay tuned and I might be able to snag you an invite. What are you envisioning for yourself for this month and in the New Year? Remember 2020 is not over and while you definitely should plan for 2021- don’t think your work is done in this one!


Now over to you - what are you disrupting this month?