Podcast #22 Don't Pardon the Disruption


Welcome Back and Don't Pardon the Disruption!

I really appreciate your support and wanted to share lessons with you from 2021.

It's been a great year in Brand Disruptors and I've launched a new program called Globally Authentic Intensive.

Then in June of 2021, I ended a 16 year relationship with my significant other. To say that things were rough is an understatement. In the midst of this breakup, I hosted an event for AICI (Association of Image Consultants International) and also hosted a retreat for clients in New Orleans, Louisiana.

So I needed to take time for myself from July to learn the lessons about the dysfunction in that relationship. 

Now, my commitment for 2022 is about my relationship with myself. I do generally treat myself well, but I realized I could be doing a whole lot better.

I learned 3 lessons from this breakup; When people are pushed up against a wall, they either:

  1. Excel
  2. Check out
  3. Get aggressive and fight back

I decided I was going to excel and take accountability for my part and how I was treating myself in the relationship.

Listen in to hear more about just what I did....

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Mia LaMotte 0:05
Hey guys, and welcome to today's episode. Welcome back. And don't pardon the disruption. I am Mia LaMotte, your host for this podcast, this podcast episode brand disruptors. Yes, so we are back. And I wanted to say hello to all of you and to welcome you. And for those of you who have been listening over the last year, I really, really, really appreciate your support, and appreciate the fact that you have been around and that you are here for us as we are here for you. So a little bit of background about me, I'm an image consultant, and brand strategist, and transformation coach, and what does all that mean? It means I help you get closer to who you were always meant to be through personal branding. We have been so busy this year, and we've not been so busy. So I kind of want to give a little bit of background about what's been going on how we got to this point and some of my lessons for the year of 2021. We're going to post this have this episode out so that you guys can listen to it in the beginning of 2022. But I want to bring some of my biggest takeaways to this episode. So what is going on is that we started off 2021 Really, really strong we had our group, brain disruptors going and they were ending somewhere around July, and also starting a program called globally authentic with high end elite mastermind sessions with some of the clients that were in brand descriptors, but also some of my private clients were put into that program. And then in June of this year, I ended a 16 year relationship with my significant other. And to say that things are rough was is an understatement. So in June, not only do we end this relationship, but I also had to host a an event for aici, which is an organization that I belong to for image consultants. It also took place in June, the beginning of June. So I was in Florida hosting this knowing that this relationship was over, but also had a retreat in New Orleans, Louisiana that I was hosting for my clients. So all of this is taking place in the midst of this breakup. So after the month of June and mid July, I decided I needed to take some time off to take some time for myself. And really, you know, get into what, what my lessons were about around that relationship, but also lessons in life. Because I don't know if you guys have ever heard this, but how you do one thing is how you do everything. And what I'd realized for myself is that there was so much dysfunction in my relationship with my significant other because there was so much dysfunction in the relationship with myself. So my commitment for 2022 is really about my relationship with myself. And how do I build that, because it's really the most important one that I have. And it's the most important one that you have. And so I'm going to also say to you guys, like really start to dig into that dig into that relationship with yourself. Are you treating yourself Well, speaking to the client yesterday, and we were talking about that she was also talking about like, she doesn't do a whole lot of self care, other than resting. And she hadn't even thought about dating. And she's been divorced for a while. And so I asked her to take herself out on some dates. And so that's what I plan to do. as well. I am committed to treating myself a whole lot better than I have been. And please understand that I do treat myself pretty well. But it was a lessons from this breakup that made me realize that I can do be doing a whole lot better. And I plan to do that in 2022 and beyond. So that's the first lesson that I got from, you know, the end of this relationship. The other is that when people are pushed against the wall, they either act, they act in three different ways. They either Excel, right? They either Excel or they check out. So the second way is people check out that's what I typically do. And then the third thing is that they get aggressive and they try to fight back.

Mia LaMotte 4:52
And what what I realized is that I wanted to do more of the excelling and so I needed to take accountability for what is my part in the end of the relationship, my part in the relationship. And then again, my part for how I was treating myself in this whole period. So I'm taking radical accountability for that by nurturing this relationship with myself. So what does this mean? This means that I'm going to be telling myself the truth, all the time, no matter how much it hurts, there are some blind spots, we all have blind spots. So I would suggest for some of you who are dealing with that, like, get a therapist that'll help you with that, or get a coach that'll help you to see these blind spots, because it's so important for us to tell ourselves the truth, but also be accountable for the truth that we are learning about ourselves. Yes, yes. And then finally, the know like and trust factor, if you've been in marketing, if you've ever heard that term before, or if you've been in marketing part before, that people buy from people that they know, like and trust. Well, what I realized this year is that most of us don't know like, or trust ourselves. Therefore, we struggle with the personal branding, we struggle with keeping our word to ourselves. And my commitment to you guys, and my commitment to myself is that we're always working to know like, and trust ourselves, we're building that self trust by keeping our word, if we say we're going to wake up, and exercise three times a week we do that we say that we're going to, we're going to make, you know, six, seven figures in our business this year, we're going to do that no matter what, right? So how do we keep our word to ourselves? And why do we tend to keep our word to others more than we keep to ourselves. So that's the kind of work that we're going to be digging into and 2022. And learning how to really step into our power, our personal power, we're going to be heading to San Diego to do some work with my friend Heather Hubbard, who is amazing. And she started this thing called possible courage. And because of her simple courage, just to do things that that were hard and to do things that, you know, are out of the box, I have, she's been she's tasked me with personal power. And we get our personal power back by knowing, liking and trusting ourselves. So if you're interested in joining us in February, please let me know I will be there helping Heather to host that program, but to talk about personal power. But also like, what is your commitment to yourself this year, each year, I come up with a new word for the year or theme for the year. And coincidentally, this year, it was personal freedom, I had no idea that the personal freedom was actually going to be physical freedom as well. And you know, free from a relationship. So for this year, or for 2022, it's really about my relationship with self. And that's going to be the theme for the years relationship itself. And how do I cultivate that relationship and make sure that relationship is the one that is always on the front burner? And not from a self centered, selfish point of view. But yes, I am going to be selfish, and I'm going to be self centered. And there's nothing wrong with that. Because, you know, we all know, we've heard, you know, on the airplane, like to put the oxygen mask on you first. And that's so you can save yourself first. Right? So what are you doing to save yourself first, in 2022 2021 has been so hard, we're still in the middle of this pandemic. There's so much more that we don't know a lot of people that I know have been sick this year, a lot of you have gotten COVID. And like it's been tough. And besides that, you know, a lot of people are realizing that the relationships that they've been in aren't working. And they're looking for more, or they're looking for something that satisfies them satisfied, satisfies their partners, and

Mia LaMotte 9:37
right now is all about us. So if you haven't done this deep introspection yet, please do please do take some time to look at what you want for your life. Took a while my clients might lead clients into this exercise and we're gonna go ahead and give you some of the questions so you guys could do this for yourself. But one of the things that I wanted to know For me, well for my clients was what? Like, who do you want to be in 2022? Who do you want to be in 2022? And this is not about accumulating things. This is about a way of be. How do you want to show up in the world? Do you want to show up powerful? Do you want to show up with integrity? Do you want to show up for yourself? Do you want to show up for your family? Do you want to show up for your business? Like, what does that look like for you? Who do you want to be in 2022? The second question is, what did you enjoy? About 2021? Like, what are the things that you want to keep doing? How do you want to keep being 2021? What were those things? Right? What was that? What did that feel like for you? What are those things? And then what are you going to stop doing in 2022? So there were some things in 2021 that you did not like that you had to do? Are felt like you had to do? What are you going to stop doing in 2022? So that you are living your life? The best version of you? What are you going to stop doing? Are you going to stop doing the dishes? Are you going to start? Are you going to stop stressing over meals and shopping every week? And maybe have someone come in and cook meals for you? Are you going to get a cleaning service? What are you going to do that's going to help you to get to your goals? Right? And then what's the main focus or theme for 2022? Told you that mind is my relationship with myself. So what what are you going to do? Like what is going to be your thing for 2022? And then why is that your thing? Why is this important to you? Like I want you to journal about why this is important? And then think about what are you going to do to achieve this goal or to achieve the theme of the year so it may come into like a bunch of different steps. And I'll share mine with you guys. Once I've done all the journaling. I'll share all those journal prompts with, with this podcast interview. With a podcast episode, it's not an interview. And then I'm like, how are you going to be accountable? Like do you have someone that's going to keep you accountable to what you say you want? I have an accountability partner, it dawned on me that I have so many mastermind partners, and we are all friends. And we do discuss business. And we do discuss some some personal issues that come up that interfere with business, but we don't really hold each other accountable. Because it's it's a lot more casual, right. And so I got myself accountability partner, and that accountability partner like we are keeping each other accountable, and making sure that we keep our word to ourselves within to each other. And so you need to have someone that's whose views are aligned with yours, and who is going to show up when you forget to show up, right? Because you can't have forget to forget for people, but those things on the calendar, make sure it's done. And make sure that they know how to keep you accountable. How you're going to like what's going to make you want to show up for yourself. Yes, and yes. So again, I'm going to share all this with you I have some exciting Podcast coming up for you. I have been

Mia LaMotte 13:43
really doing a lot more networking this year, and made some great relationships. And so next year, we're having this thing called disrupter day, we're going to do it monthly for the first quarter just to see how it's how people show up. And if you guys like it, and we're going to take the lessons. And we're going to take the talks from each one of our guests. And we're going to put that in the podcast series. So you get to hear about all of that, you'll get to meet a bunch of different people because we're going to be having at least 12 to 15 women coming on each month. And so we got a lot of content coming your way. We're going to be doing podcasts episodes every two every week. So most of them might be, you know, series of the disrupter, the D Day stuff, but also me coming in and pop it on and talking about my experience of this, this relationship with myself but also my experience as a single woman at 51 and what that's like and navigating the dating pool and my healing and also some adventures with my other friend who happens to be single as well. So I'm looking forward to hanging out I want you guys some more I missed doing this podcasting. This is one of those things that I said that I was going to continue to do in 2022. And I just had to figure out a different way to make it happen. And so I've done that. And so here we are, we're going to be doing the podcast, we're going to be here each week, twice a week, bringing you inspiration, bringing you tips on how to build your brand and how to build your business. But more importantly, tips on how to become more of who you were always meant to be. And I'm on this journey with you guys. I'm doing the work. We're all doing the work together. And like this work never stops. So please know that, you know, your personal brand is ever evolving, because you are as a human ever evolving. So if you decide that, you know what, I don't want to grow anymore. I don't want to do any more of this work. That's good. That's good for you. Like you get to make that decision. But you also have to know that once you make that decision, you stop growing, you stop evolving, and the world doesn't so much love to all of you. I'm so excited to be back. And I look forward to hearing from you all please leave me some comments. Let me know how you what you thought of this episode. And what do you want to hear more of? Do you want to hear more about strategy? Do you want to hear more about my personal adventures? Do you want to hear more about how to become a magnetic brand? How to Become a thought leader? Like put some give me some feedback in the comments. Let me know what you're thinking about these podcast episodes. And also what do you want to learn from me? Take care of yourselves. 2022 2022 will be your year as long as you believe that it will be. Take care. Bye

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