It's Scorpio Season

Scorpio season has begun. And if you know anything about me, I am a Scorpio through and through. My birthday is coming up and I gotta tell ya, I am feeling some kind-a-way about it. The last “round number” birthday had me anxious, questioning everything and reflecting on my journey and this one is no different. We will dive into the lessons later, but I want to take this time to talk about how my zodiac sign plays into my zone of genius. 

Scorpios are known for strong personalities, great leadership skills, and know-how to leave lasting impressions. We are the queens of transformation and usually possess all of the “I’s”- like being intuitive, imaginative, intelligent, intense, and independent. These qualities are some and many of the other Scorpios I know. So I decided to compare these to my personal strengths from the Clifton Strengths Assessment.

My top 5 strengths are:

  1. Relator which means I love having deep and intimate relationships with others. None of that surface level BS for me. This could be where folks could read me as being intense and having a strong personality. 
  2. Input which means I am curious in nature. I love to gather and keep all kinds of information that keep my imagination tuned in and dialed up.
  3. Intellection which means I like to go inward and love to converse with others on an intellectual level. This strength serves my need to use my intelligence and create magnificent brands that are authentic to my clients.
  4. Activator which means I like to get things started. There is no waiting around for me. It can come across as me being impatient and it is probably the strength that makes me a great leader. Just ask any of my clients. I get them into motion with what they say they want for themselves. I find that activation is the one strength that I possess that probably scares my circle the most. I love to give them challenges that will get them closer to being the person they want to be and it can make their buttholes pucker! Can you tell I like this one the most???
  5. Futuristic which means I am inspired by what can be in the future. I am able to help others see the possibilities of their visions for their lives and businesses.

Another great example of a Scorpio who was a thought leader is Pablo Picasso. The artist who was like nah, I am not painting anything like anyone else and they are going to follow my lead. This is absolutely the Scorpio energy at work. We will do what has worked in the past if it makes sense to and we will also blow that shit up and start from scratch.

These traits fall so much in line with my strengths. And none of this is scientific for my researchers out there- it just happens to be MY TRUTH. Do any of your strengths align with your zodiac sign? You may want to check it out. It’s another chance to get to know yourself better and maybe even solve a mystery you had about yourself. 

P.S. To celebrate my birthday next week I want to give YOU a gift, can you guess what it is? Keep your eyes peeled for updates from me early next week to find out.