How Do You Know You're Doing a Great Job?

The entrepreneurial and professional journey can be a rollercoaster ride with more dips and motion sickness than we can sometimes bear.

This is why so many businesses fail and so many people stay stuck in businesses and jobs that don’t utilize their zone of genius.

Do you think that people would do better jobs if they were affirmed by their fans, clients, and bosses? I will assert that we do not need to have others affirm us when we have an inner knowing that we are living our lives in our zones of genius.

In the last newsletter, I talked about speaking our truth. Living and working in our ZOG is OUR truth.

> When we can get so connected to the essence of who we are, there is no one on the planet that can take us off course.

> When we know our strengths and utilize them fully, the haters can hate all day long.

> When we take things personally, we give away our power to the person giving their opinion. We also agree with them on some level which is why it affects us. The other person is in fact imposing their thoughts and views of the world unto us and we are allowing it.

You will know that you are doing a great job at whatever you are doing because you have learned to trust yourself. You have built the muscle of learning to listen to your inner voice (the quiet still one) and acting accordingly.

When I began the journey of looking at my strengths and my zone of genius, I knew that what I was reading on the computer screen was the truest essence of me. It wasn’t until I was willing to trust myself with this information that things began to open up.

It was the death of uncertainty and the birth of freedom.

There is so much freedom when you don’t take things personally. And I am not just talking about the “bad” things that people say to us, I am also talking about the “good” things.

I first want to present that we give everything meaning. Everything is neutral until we give it meaning. It is what we do as humans.

Secondly, what people think and say about us in none of our business. We really don’t need to know these things in order to live our lives.

Finally, what others say and think of us, is a reflection of them, not us.

>> When we operate from our zone of genius and our personal truth, we can walk through the world with an open heart and not be hurt or crushed. In order to get there, we need to begin trusting ourselves to make the right choices and remember that we are not responsible for the actions of others.

You already have the answers within, you just need to begin trusting and acting upon these, and only then will you know when you are doing a great job. Start this week with a lot more trust for yourself and watch the magic that happens. If you want to learn more about your zone of genius and how to start trusting yourself more, head over to our facebook group where I conduct a live training every Wednesday at noon. 

See you there


P.S. Our theme for December will be Transformation and we will be diving deeper into this subject.

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