Can You Smell What The Rock is Cooking?

For all of you Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (aka baby daddy) and/or wrestling fans, you probably already know what this is and what it means. But for those of you who don’t, The Rock would say this at every wrestling match before entering the ring. He revealed on Twitter in 2017 that part of his wrestling persona was that he is an Executive Chef that specializes in moist Croquembouche. Yum. Croquembouche is a French dessert consisting of choux pastry balls piled into a cone and covered in caramel. 

You might be wondering why I am talking about Dwayne at all. Well, a couple of weeks ago he announced that he has never voted a straight party ticket and that he has never endorsed a candidate. He is now endorsing Joe Biden and Kamala Harris for President and Vice President here in the US. And for those of you abroad, this is one of the most contentious races of my and many others' lifetimes. 

When I saw his post, I was delighted! Not only did my dream man look amazing, but he is on the right side of this presidential issue. This election is not about political parties but about so many other issues like the economy, a global pandemic, social justice, climate warming, just to name a few. As I began reading the comments, I was having flashbacks of “Shut Up and Dribble.” There were so many people giving him love and so many spewing vitriol and hate. The most obvious comment to me was “celebrities should not have opinions on politics”. This infuriated me to no end and I had several conversations about why it is important for everyone to use their platform to speak their truth. 

Fast forward to last week when DJ (aka Hunny Bunny) surged past 200M followers on Instagram. It also made him the most followed man in America and the most followed American Man in the world, to break yet another Guinness World Record. When he received the news, he talked about the biggest life lesson for him. He said “it was to speak your truth even when you’re going to dive into conversations that make some people uncomfortable. Do it with poise, dignity, concern,  consideration, and empathy which leads to progress and clarity.”  

You can watch it here to see how being yourself and speaking your truth can actually be the thing that takes YOU to your next level. 

The main takeaways I want you to learn from this and apply to your business are:

  • Progress and clarity are where we will begin to make our impact on our brands. 
  • Your brand is the total sum of you and your experiences. 
  • When you are brave enough to speak your truth, you will repel the people who don’t want to be around you and attract the ones who will be your biggest fans. 

NOW is the time to stop hiding and start standing up and out for a better place for us all to live. 

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