2021: The Year Of Personal Disruption

This year right here has been pretty intense for me and we have 2 and a half months left. At the beginning of the year, I declared this would be the Year of Personal Freedom and so far, I’d say it absolutely has been. 

Here’s what we’ve been up to this year:

  1. I had the huge task of creating an experience for an international membership as the Vice President of Conference. It was a major undertaking and I had amazing partners that helped me to make it happen. The first part of this year was really ALL about that. I’m happy to report that it was a huge success. Here are  just a few highlights: 
  • It was the first virtual global conference we’ve ever produced.
  • We had over 650 attendees, over  40  speakers and panelists, 10 sponsorships, coining this the conference of firsts.
  • It was also the first time we had a meaningful conversation about diversity, inclusion and equity in our organization.
  • As the VP I knew that it was time for our organization to begin this discussion and so did many of the participants.
  • Because of this we have created a committee that will be addressing the needs of our organization as well as bring resources to our community.
  • I am so excited to see this happening and I am happy to be a part of ushering in a new way of doing things.


  1. Immediately following the conference, I had a retreat scheduled in New Orleans with my clients. What was I thinking? I tell you, I wasn’t. There was a moment in time that I thought, hey, you can cancel, they would understand. And then I thought, I might need to do this for me rather than for my clients. So I forged ahead. It was amazing! Not only did we have a blast in my home state, the attendees have made quantum leaps since then. Here’s what a few of them had to say:


  • "So thankful for the retreat.  From start to finish it did not disappoint! It was fabulous. The hotel was perfect for me because I love antique's and character. Mia took us to the Westin and the view, oh my, it was gorgeous. The conversations got deep (as to be expected with Mia). I am very grateful for my one-on-one session that provided me with new direction for my business. I almost feel manic from all the energy this retreat gave me.  You know how people say, "it gave me life" that is what this retreat did for me, it gave me life baby. I feel refreshed! I haven't even begun to talk about all the fun we had in the French Quarters, Bourbon Street, Houston's, Drago's, Harrah's, the Trolley, Bayou Bar, The Hot Tin Rooftop Bar, Cafe Du Mound, and the list goes on. Thank you Mia for the amazing retreat!!" ~Cynthia
  • "As the cool kids are saying these days, The Lagniappe Retreat with Mia LaMotte “gave what it was supposed to give” and then “a little extra”, as the name suggests! Mia led us on a highly intentional adventure through the city of New Orleans, beginning with our stay at the charming Pontchartrain hotel. Each session was full of joy, discovery, and the occasional flowing of tears. With what I would describe as “affectionate agitation”, Mia guided us through a process that was deeply healing, transformational, and affirming. To close out the retreat we got to experience a VIP mastermind session with multimillionaire Tessa Holloway, whom I was first introduced to during our previous (virtual) retreat, Master Your Money Mindset. Tessa radiates an energy of grit, drive, and expansion. Together, Mia and Tessa delivered practical applications of how to balance our energies to manifest and sustain our best lives! The “little extra” was the fact that we had a little TOO MUCH FUN! It wasn’t all work and no play. To all the ladies who I had the pleasure of meeting: I genuinely enjoyed spending time with each and every one of you - Indulging in all that great food and drink, cackling wildy with each other, and singing and dancing down Bourbon Street! I am so excited for the growth and success we will surely see as a result of this experience, the legacies we are creating, and the bonds we are nurturing with one another." ~Dava


  1. And the final thing I want to talk about here is why you haven’t really been hearing from me and seeing me around as much. I ended the relationship with my significant other of 16 years. We had “been working on things” since before the pandemic and decided it was time to part ways. Although I knew what needed to happen, I also needed some time to process my feelings, move, and make decisions regarding my next steps. And I was so glad to have the space and time to do that. I didn’t have anyone expecting me to show up for a job for the sake of being in a seat. My client roster was winding down from the 1st Brand Disruptors Cohort and gave me some space to do what I needed to do to get past this personal milestone. While I have been servicing clients throughout this time, it has been nice to be able to take some time to myself to reflect, travel and recalibrate.

I am by no means suggesting that I am completely out of this mode, I am ready to get back into showing up for you on a more consistent basis. One of the reasons that I decided to share my private journey with you is because I don’t think that we have two lives. Our personal lives bleed into business lives and vice versa. Like I’ve said many times before, “Entrepreneurship is the best personal development program in the world” thanks Gina DeVee. What shows up in our personal lives will show up in our businesses, if we don’t work through it.

The other reason I want to share this with you is so that you can know that when you have systems and structures in place, you don’t always have to show up and your business won’t break. It may take a lot to get back into motion again, but you have to know that what is for you, will always be for you-that includes your business. That being said, I don’t recommend staying away too long and you get to decide what is right for you.

I’ll be sharing more with you about this last year and how to avoid some of the mistakes that I have made and how to create some of the miracles that I have experienced. I am so grateful to those of you who have been, continue to be and will become my biggest supporters. I am so looking forward to what the future holds (and I know some of the exciting stuff coming your way) and the many possibilities this life has in store for all of us.

One of the things that happened during this period is that we created a self-study version of Brand Disruptors called The Emerging Disruptor

That’s right we have included everything in our Brand Disruptors Coaching Program in a self study at a fraction of the cost.

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I can’t wait to help you walk into your full self. Let’s goooooooo.